Tournament Bass Fishing
Why?? Because golf is too hard!!
Its 4:00 am. The alarm is going off.
You were up until 11:00pm going through your mountains of tackle. Restringing numerous reels. Getting a strategy together for the next day.
Unlike most mornings, you feel no need to hit the snooze button on your alarm.
You have left the house with a high dollar bass boat in tow. Arriving at the launch and waiting in line with numerous others that just went through the same feelings you did.
Take off is at 6:00am. When the horn sounds, 30 seconds of sheer chaos takes over as everyone tries to beat everyone else to the "secret" spot on hundreds of acres of water.
For the next 8 hours you are faced with putting the 5 biggest bass you can find in the boat. Sounds easy right? After all its only 5 fish..........
No pressure!!!!
This is tournament Bass fishing!