Fishing Gallery
Pictures of fish caught throughout this season and past seasons. As well as other things throught the year.
Me and Tyler with our 2nd place finish on a Tuesday night Wide Waters tournament in Summer of 2015
My two big guys from the 2nd place finish. One over 5 pounds
Over 5 pounds in the tuesday night widewaters tournament.  And still didnt make lunker?!?!?
2 of the 5 from Opening day Keuaka open tournament in 2015
Better picture of Arcadia Custom Baits and Tackle Supply.
Big momma on the new jigs from Arcadia Custom Baits and Tackle Supply
First Bass in the season. In the new boat!
A little bit of lettering on the boat today. Weather is not cooperating so may as well get some of the other stuff done that goes into tournament bass fishing!! Big thanks to Main sponser Signs Inc for the decals.
One of the fish caught during prefishing the Potomac. this was in Matawoman Creek.
On stage at the Potomac River. 4-23-16
2 fish for 8.2 pounds